Indian esports veterans create Trident Gaming

06 February 2024


Indian esports veterans create Trident Gaming
Image credit: Trident Gaming

Two Indian esports and gaming veterans, Abhijeet ‘Ghatak’ Andhare and Sunny ‘Fea’ Lohia have announced the creation of a new esports company in India, Trident Gaming.

The company aims to focus on grassroots development and projects that nurture new talent, as well as work with talent, produce content and help facilitate partnerships between brands and esports stakeholders.

The company’s founders are known for their work in the Indian esports and gaming market. Andhare is a former professional PUBG Mobile player and coach, who most recently held the coaching position in Indian esports organisation GodLike Esports. His co-founder, Sunny Lohia, comes from a production background, having worked for production company Esports Network.

The new venture will be focused on bringing attention to emerging talent in India, and its founders noted that the company aims to create different revenue streams and elevate the Indian esports industry. This will be done by launching several projects aimed at identifying emerging talent in India, while also supporting them to become, as company puts it, ‘national stars’.

The company is also in talks with educational institutions to collaborate on bringing esports education into their curriculum, but further details about upcoming partnerships were not disclosed.

In addition to mentioned plans, the company will also act as a talent management and esports agency. Trident Gaming is looking to collaborate with brands on marketing activations and campaigns, talent management and representation, content production and sponsorships. Trident will also assist international organisations interested in entering the Indian esports market by helping with scouting, management, bootcamps and legal frameworks.

Sunny Lohia, the co-founder of Trident Gaming, commented on the launch: “Trident aims to disrupt the gaming and esports industry through education and awareness. We are not just a marketing agency but are committed to creating IPs for grassroots development.

“Additionally, our focus is on talent and player management which includes negotiating contracts, legal assistance, and brand management for professional players, ensuring they unlock their potential as stars.”

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