NUEL to organise Northern Europe BEACON VALORANT Game Changers Contenders qualifer

Beacon Game Changers Qualifier
Image credit: GGTech Entertainment

NUEL, a subsidiary of esports educational technology company GGTech Entertainment, has announced it will organise the Northern European qualifiers for VALORANT Game Changers EMEA Contenders.

The online tournament will see teams competing for an opportunity to qualify for the Contenders tournament which commences on March 30th.

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The qualifiers operated by NUEL take place from March 23rd to 24th and act as the pathway for teams to qualify for Game Changers, Riot Games‘ competitive VALORANT ecosystem for women and marginalised genders.

The qualifier will utilise a double-elimination bracket and feature a £1,000 prize pool for those competing. The top two teams from the BEACON VALORANT Game Changers Contenders qualifier will secure a place in the VALORANT Game Changers Contenders series for the EMEA region.

NUEL is no stranger to collaborating with Riot Games. In September 2019, the two parties joined forces for the developer and publisher to directly support the League of Legends University Series. Alongside VALORANT and other Riot Games titles, NUEL hosts tournaments across a range of titles including Apex Legends, Counter-Strike 2, and Rocket League.

For Riot Games, VALORANT’s presence in the EMEA region continues to attract new partnership opportunities. In February 2024, LED display provider Unilumin partnered with Riot Games to supply VCT, Ascension and Game Changers events with its LED technology.

Will Attwood, Competitive Experiences Manager for Riot Games Northern Europe, spoke on the qualifier: “We’re excited to announce the next Northern Europe VALORANT Game Changers Qualifier as we look to find the best teams in Northern Europe to battle it out on the EMEA stage.”

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