SideQuest to host Non-Binary and Women’s Social Night in two locations

sidequest non-binary women's social night
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UK-based esports cafe chain SideQuest has announced a new social event in March for non-binary and women gamers. 

CosyQuest: Non-Binary and Women’s Social Night will be focused on creating a positive and inclusive gaming atmosphere at two SideQuest locations (London and Leicester) on March 29th. 

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The event will be open to women and those who identify as non-binary at SideQuest’s Elephant Park location in London and SideQuest Leicester. According to SideQuest, the main idea is to create a relaxed and safe environment to celebrate and promote women in gaming. There will be tournaments held on games such as Mario Kart, among other titles on PCs and consoles. However, SideQuest has emphasised the focus is on relaxed socialising, not just competition.

Commenting on the event, SideQuest Director of Retail Anteia Orteiro noted that, even though almost 90% of women play games on any device, there is still an abundance of challenges facing them. 

“This month, we celebrate Women’s Day, and it’s the perfect opportunity to reflect and applaud all social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women in every sector,” Orteiro said. 

“And us, being a gaming hub that believes in and supports diversity in every form and shape, could not let this important day go unnoticed. It’s in our motto: Play Your Way. We (as women) have shown we can navigate and succeed in male-dominated industries; but even after all we have accomplished, I feel that we still need to prove ourselves day after day.”

Summer Link, Manager at SideQuest Elephant Park and Women in Games ambassador, added that the company has been thinking of more ways to make an inclusive and accessible space for those who are part of minority groups such as Women and Non-Binary. The Cozyquest night was a result of this planning.

Link explained: “We value people being able to express themselves within our space, especially those who may be intimidated to come to our space in the first place as it can be quite scary going somewhere new where you are already aware you will be a minority. This event aims to celebrate our differences and strengths as Women/Non-Binary and to create a space where we can do so in a more inclusive environment.

“For purchasing a bubble tea, Women and Non-Binary will get access where we will have PCs free to use, switch games, and more social activities during the night!”

Image credit: SideQuest

As an ambassador for Women in Games, Link added that events like this one can be an excellent idea for visitors to meet new people, find friends, overcome anxiety, and express themselves freely. While March is the month of International Women’s Day, Link also highlighted that these kinds of events should be more common throughout the year. 

Dalian Ghent, Marketing and Events Coordinator added that SideQuest wants to be a safe space for anyone interested in gaming and that its locations are open for anyone to express themselves without being judged. 

Those interested can apply for event tickets through the official Eventbrite page for Elephant Park and Leicester, and join the Social Night in one of the two locations. Entry to the event is free with a purchase of a drink.

SideQuest is known for hosting events in its locations, including watch parties for the League of Legends World Championship and New Year’s celebrations. The watch parties have proven to be popular in several of the company’s locations, and SideQuest created special drinks and offers for those interested in watching the 2023 Worlds during the evenings. More than 200 people attended the League of Legends Worlds watch parties in 2023 despite the event taking place at night due to the time zone differences. 

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