Team Flash and Gen.G Global Academy launch League of Legends camp

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Southeast Asian esports organisation Team Flash has teamed up with esports player academy Gen.G Global Academy (GGA) to launch a League of Legends camp in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

From March 11th to 15th, the League of Legends camp will feature a curriculum led by GGA trainers that ‘promises an in-depth experience’ that focuses on improving in-game performance and how gaming can provide a potential career avenue.

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Alongside the curriculum, Team Flash will provide career guidance for those participating in the course. According to a release, the career guidance will include ‘collaborative efforts within the industry.’ Details on further collaborations were not disclosed.

This is the second edition of Team Flash’s and Gen.G’s esports camp. In November 2022, the two organisations ran a camp offering students opportunities to develop skills in partnership with Singaporean school XCL World Academy.

Since the first collaboration, Team Flash has continually to expand its presence within the South Asian esports market. In January 2024, the organisation partnered with telecommunications company FPT Corporation to host tournaments in Vietnam and to work on research and the development of new technologies.

Mark Chew, CEO of Team Flash, spoke on the partnership: “Team Flash is more than just an Esports organization. When we lead and coach our players, we always emphasised values that extend beyond the screen and conventional standards.

“So through our Esports education camps, we hope to engage our community in more sustainable ways by providing mentorship to our community, promoting positive messaging in Esports and inspiring the younger generation of gaming communities.”

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