University of Suffolk to launch esports undergraduate course in 2025

Image credit: University of Suffolk

The University of Suffolk, a public university located in Suffolk and Norfolk, England, has announced its first-ever esports university programme.

The undergraduate course will accept its first students in 2025, with its criteria focusing on game design, esports event management, marketing, live streaming and other industry segments.

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According to the University, the new course will help interested students acquire the skills needed in the esports industry. Together with the announcement of the new course, the University of Suffolk also committed to a ‘significant investment’ in a new esports lab that will feature gaming computers and be able to host esports events and tournaments.

Professor Stuart Harmer, Dean of the School of Technology, Business and Arts at the University of Suffolk, in particular highlighted that the University witnessed a growth in the number of students studying esports in colleges and schools in the region. As a result, the course was created to help them progress into higher education.

The first students will be welcomed at the Esports undergraduate course in 2025, but no details were shared about the potential dates for the launch of the esports lab. The University also noted that the curriculum is being developed alongside industry experts, and that real-world practical experience will be a major part of the degree. It was not shared which potential esports organisations or companies the University will work with.

The University of Suffolk is the latest in a string of UK educational institutions that are opening esports courses in recent years. More than a dozen universities offer degrees in esports, ranging from three-year degrees on the general topic of esports to more focused topics such as International Esports Business or Esports Production.

Harmer said in the announcement: “We are thrilled to announce our plans to create one of the first esports undergraduate courses in the East of England. It recognises the tremendous growth and potential of the esports industry.

“We have witnessed a significant growth in students studying esports at colleges and schools in the region and by providing this course we’re offering these students a much-needed pathway that allows them an important progression into Higher Education in this industry.”

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