FATE Esports unveils new headquarters

Image of corridor inside FATE Esports headquarters
Image credit: FATE Esports

MENA esports organisation FATE Esports has unveiled its new esports facility called The Lab.

Located in Amman, Jordan, the facility will house its esports rosters for competitions and practice. Additionally, the HQ will be open to casual gamers for amateur tournaments.

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The facility contains infrastructures for console, PC and mobile games in addition to offline gaming capabilities allowing FATE Esports to operate LAN events. In addition, The Lab contains private rooms for customers to bring their own equipment to play games.

According to a release, The Lab will also highlight the successes of FATE Esports over the last seven years. The facility will be decorated with championship trophies, team memorabilia and a wall of fame. FATE Esports currently has competitive rosters for games such as Tekken, EAFC and eFootball.

This is the second time that FATE Esports has announced a dedicated space that will be used as a facility. In December 2020, the organisation partnered with telecommunications giant Orange to launch a gaming hub focused on scouting esports talent in Jordan.

The new facility aims to solidify its position as a major esports organisation in the MENA region. In February 2024, the organisation also secured a sponsorship deal with internet solutions provider Aqaba Digital Hub which will provide connectivity services to The Lab.

Mohammad Majali, CEO of FATE Esports, spoke on the facility’s launch: “7 years of competitive gaming experience has culminated in our new home.

“This facility has underwent 14 months of beta testing by our players and other top-tier organisations from around the world, and we’ve incorporated feedback from professionals to create an elite competitive gaming facility unlike any other. We’re proud to call The Lab our new home and happy the world finally gets to see it!”

Jonno Nicholson
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