Esports Charts and GG.BET provide betting analysis for PGL Copenhagen Major

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Image credit: Esports Charts / GG.BET

Esports data platform Esports Charts and betting company GG.BET have teamed up to publish a betting report for the recently concluded PGL Major Copenhagen 2024.

The report shows interesting information on several topics, such as the teams most GG.BET users bet on, the biggest bets, and the most winning bets, among others.

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In the report, GG.BET and Esports Charts calculated that most of GG.BET’s users bet on the eventual Major winners NAVI (10.7%), with FaZe Clan (8.7%) coming in second. When it comes to winning games 2:0, bettors also preferred NAVI, with around 15% of all bets of this type going to the organisation. FaZe Clan was second in this category as well, with around 10% of bets to secure a 2:0 victory.

Another segment of the report highlighted the best bets that came through for GG.BET users. This included, the correct score of 13:2 in the 2nd map between MOUZ and Complexity having odds of 13.82. The odds of Ancient being the map with the highest T-side win rate were 13.00.

Unsurprisingly the Major champions, NAVI, were also the team that earned bettors the most money by winning matches.

GG.BET shared the following comment on the report: “GG.BET and Esports Charts have a lot in common; we both dig deep into tournaments and track every movement on the screen. Our specialists track hundreds of statistics and regularly provide unexpected insights.

“We came up with this project alongside Esports Charts so that we could share all the information we’d uncovered with the entire esports community. We’re confident that every reader will find something that fascinates them, especially considering that it concerns a tournament as important as the first-ever CS2 Major.”

Esports Charts is an esports data company that focuses on viewership reports and other metrics for esports tournaments. The company is mostly known for its viewership metrics, which can be accessed for free on its website. The most notable metric is the peak viewer count, followed by average viewers and others.

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