Esports Charts teams up with Amazon to offer esports information via Alexa

15 September 2023


Esports Charts Amazon Alexa
Image credit: Esports Charts

Esports data platform Esports Charts has teamed up with Amazon’s virtual assistant technology Alexa to make its esports data more widely available.

As a result, Esports Charts will provide information to Alexa so users can ask relevant questions regarding esports tournaments.

ESI Lisbon 2024

Asking Alexa questions such as ‘where is VALORANT Champions 2023?’ or ‘When is the next ESL Impact League?’ were provided as examples of what the partnership will enable Alexa customers to do. 

Esports Charts is known for its expansive esports viewership database, which tracks the performance of esports tournaments and teams through various viewership statistics. 

The company is used by a variety of esports media outlets to report on viewership performances of esports events, as well as how those events compare to previous editions. 

Since its launch in 2016, Esports Charts has gone on to expand into analysing the streamer ecosystem, as well as the Chinese live-streaming sector.

Esports Charts and Amazon said the collaboration aims to help drive audience attention to esports activities by providing another avenue in which fans can be informed of esports developments and events.

Ihor Kryvych, CTO of Esports Charts, commented: “By making our extensive esports database available through Amazon’s Alexa, we’re taking a monumental step towards making esports information more accessible than ever before,”

“Enabling enthusiasts to effortlessly inquire about upcoming tournaments and stay attuned to the pulse of esports aligns perfectly with our mission of fostering transparency and awareness in the industry.”

Amazon has been involved in the esports sector for many years, through sponsoring events, hosting tournaments and even potentially creating esports titles. These activations have branched across the company’s expansive list of products, including Amazon Prime, Amazon Web Services, Amazon Music and now Amazon Alexa.

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