Champion of Champions Tour Global Finals announces format details

CCT Global Finals
Image credit: GRID

Counter-Strike tournament series Champion of Champions Tour (CCT) has announced further details about its upcoming Global Finals.

Taking place May 16th – 23rd, the event will feature four groups of four teams and a single elimination format. All matches except the final will be best of three. The grand final will be a best-of-five match.

ESI London 2024

The CCT is a new esports tournament circuit created by esports data company GRID and several notable partners such as FACEIT, Eden Esports, Relog Media, and Black Molly Entertainment. The tournament’s first season will conclude this May with a prize pool of $500,000 (~£400,000).

The event’s organisers announced that four matches will take place per day between May 16th and May 20th, with the knockout stage taking place between May 21st and May 23rd, the day of the grand final. The event was originally supposed to end on May 24th, but the timing was changed to allow for teams to have more time to travel to other events.

Group A will include Eternal Fire, SAW, Aurora and PARIVISION. Meanwhile, Group B will include the likes of ENCE, Gaimin Gladiators, GamerLegion and Fnatic. Rounding out the other groups are Team Liquid, OG, AMKAL and PaiN for Group C and Astralis, MIBR, BetBoom and BIG in the last group.

Despite the finals yet to be underway, the Champions of Champions Tour has announced its return with season two taking place across 2024 and 2025.

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