Disguised partners with Chipotle to enter Tekken 8

Image of Disguised and Chipotle logos and Tekken 8 player PhiDX
Image credit: Disguised

Disguised, an esports organisation created by streamer Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang, has partnered with international food chain Chipotle Mexican Grill.

As a result of the deal, the organisation will expand into Tekken 8 with the chain being named as the roster’s founding partner.

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Announced on May 9th, 2024, the organisation’s founder appeared in a video revealing North American Tekken 8 player Phi ‘PhiDX’ Lam as its first player. Lam will represent the organisation at the 2024 edition of the Evolution Championship Series (EVO) taking place from May 19th to 21st.

The partnership between Disguised and Chipotle marks the organisation’s debut into the FGC scene. Alongside Tekken, it also fields teams in League of Legends, Apex Legends and VALORANT. In January 2024, the organisation partnered with BLEED Esports to create a VALORANT roster to compete in the Southeast Asian region.

Chipotle is no stranger to the world of esports and the FGC. In April 2024, it partnered with Tekken 8 resulting in the restaurant chain becoming a presenting partner of the tournament taking place at Evo. Additionally, it also became a commercial partner of the 2024 Tekken World Tour.

Founded in 2023, Disguised has become a recognisable brand within the esports industry. In June of the same year, Disguised Toast opened a Patreon to help support the organisation after the influencer revealed it was on track to record a $1m (~798,403) loss at the end of 2023.

On X, newly-recruited player PhiDX, spoke on joining Disguised: “Entertainment and competition have always driven me, and it’s a blessing to be able to do both.

“I’m happy to announce that, in support of these goals, I am being signed as by DSG and Chipotle as their first FGC player. Thanks to DSG and Chipotle for investing in me and my passion for the game. And finally, thank you everyone for mentoring, supporting, and believing in me. Couldn’t do this without you!”

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