Riot Games provisionally suspends Disguised VALORANT player Jayh

VCT Malaysia Singapore
(ESI Illustration) Image credit: Riot Games

VALORANT Challengers Malaysia and Singapore, a tier-two league owned by Riot Games, has provisionally suspended Disguised player Wong ‘Jayh’ Jia Heng.

In an announcement on social media, the league highlighted that it determined that Jia Heng potentially participated in match-fixing before joining the league.

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The esports league stated that the player will receive a provisional suspension from VCT MYSG due to “suspicion of match-fixing during the tournament”. The suspension includes all of Riot Games’ titles and tournaments, as well as any third-party tournaments.

The league did not share any timelines, only stating that the decision is “effective immediately until further notice, pending further review and adjudication”. Since the original statement, Jayh shared a statement on the topic, criticising Riot Games and the league for not reaching out to him regarding the allegations before going public.

Wong ‘Jayh’ Jia Heng said on social media: “I don’t matchfix, never participated in any activity involving it. Also, before putting this statement out, I wasn’t informed about any ongoing investigation or verified anything on my end. These allegations will hurt my reputation severely, especially since no due diligence was done in even contacting me to investigate beforehand.”

The player later tweeted that representatives of the league have reached out to him and that the two parties are ‘communicating about the issue’. This led to the league responding and explaining that it is giving the player 48 hours to respond to the allegations.

It is unclear exactly what the potential match-fixing instances are, with Riot Games only noting that it happened before VALORANT Challengers 2024 Malaysia and Singapore. The Esports Advocate has, however, reported that its sources pointed to a situation in which Jayh allegedly placed a bet on himself whilst at Ninjas in Pyjamas. This has not been confirmed by either the player or league representatives. However, if true, it violates Riot’s Esports Global Code of Conduct.

Disguised only recently entered the Southeast Asian league after signing a partnership with esports organisation BLEED Esports.

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