Dundee and Angus College partners with Corsair

Image credit: Corsair

Dundee and Angus College, located in Dundee City in Scotland, has announced a partnership with hardware and peripherals company Corsair through its Corsair for Business brand.

Dundee and Angus College students will have access to Corsair’s lineup of products, including peripherals, kits, streaming equipment and other gear. The partnership also aims to bolster career opportunities in the esports industry.

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Corsair for Business is the business-oriented segment of Corsair, focused on working with large clients from the corporate, education and other spaces. Since Corsair produces a wide range of products, the company can offer a full suite of hardware to clients. The partnership with the Dundee and Angus College will focus on precisely that.

Corsair will equip the college’s esports studios will all the gear needed. The studios feature tournament rooms, a broadcast studio, a commentator studio and a recording booth. All these spaces will feature Corsair equipment, ranging from PCs and peripherals to monitors and software.

Since Corsair owns streaming equipment brand Elgato, it can also provide the college with the Stream Deck suite, as well as cameras and other equipment for broadcast.

Corsair has been relatively quiet on the esports front recently, its last major partnership being a deal with streamer Nicholas Kolcheff, known as Nickmercs, in April 2023. The company does still work in the esports space, however, and has its own VALORANT tournament in Brazil, called the Corsair Championship.

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