GameSquare and Dairy MAX launch Fortnite Farm Tycoon campaign

GameSquare x Dairy Max fortnite campgain
Image credit: GameSquare

Esports holding company GameSquare has partnered with dairy advocacy group Dairy MAX to launch a UEFN world-building map campaign in Fortnite’s Farm Tycoon.

The campaign is an extension of a long-standing partnership between the two entities. Previously the two companies had a gaming campaign that included Complexity Gaming and marketing agency ZONED Gaming.

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Notable Fortnite creators such as Maria ‘Chica’ Lopez, SanchoWest and Preston ‘TBNRFrags’ Arsement will feature on the campaign to promote the map across multiple platforms.

Farm Tycoon was developed by Moonlight Studios, a GameSquare company, and sees players step into the shoes of a dairy farmer who is aiming to build and manage their own farm. The players perform activities that simulate real-world farming operations such as claiming plots of land and upgrading the infrastructure of their farms to gain in-game currency.

The partnership between Dairy MAX and GameSquare will see a new map campaign launch within Farm Tycoon.

The first time the two companies partnered was in March 2021 when Dairy MAX teamed up with Complexity Gaming, one of GameSquare’s subsidiaries up until March 2024. In July 2023, GameSquare and Dairy MAX launched a gaming campaign called ‘Level Unlocked.’

This deal follows the release of GameSquare’s 2023 financial report where the company recorded $52m (~£41.5m) in revenues and an overall $31m (~£24.7m) net loss.

Dairy MAX is no stranger to esports. Founded 40 years ago, the non-profit organisation represents more than 900 dairy farmers and serves communities in eight different USA states. Outside of GameSquare, Dairy MAX previously had a deal with OpTic Gaming in 2022 to be its official nutrition partner.

Jennie McDowell, Dairy MAX Chief Strategy Officer, commented on the news: “GameSquare’s commitment to delivering creative experiences to gamers is unparalleled, and their community of influencers boasts a cross-generational, global impact. We want youth to perform at their best. A balanced diet will unlock new levels to their full potential.”

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