MPL Philippines Season 13 records increased viewership

MPL Philippines Season 13
Screenshot credit: MPL Philippines

Mobile Legends Bang Bang event MPL Philippines Season 13 has seen a slight increase in peak viewership compared to the previous edition which occurred last September.

This season recorded a peak viewership of 824,056, over 50,000 more than Season 12, according to Esports Charts.

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MPL Philippines Season 13 also garnered an average viewership of 121,607 across its just under 143-hour run time. This is 15,000 more than last season. The increase inviewership will be well received given the fact that MPL Philippines Season 12 saw a decline in viewership, both in peak and average.

The most popular MPL Philippines Season remains Season 7, which was held at the beginning of 2021 and garnered an impressive 1.4m peak viewership. Despite not being close in peak viewership, MPL Philippines Season 13 is the series’ fourth most popular event.

This season’s event was won by Liquid Echo, the recently acquired Philippines-based arm of Team Liquid, where it triumphed over Falcons AP.Bren in the Grand Final. Whilst the organisation did come second at the event, Falcons AP.Bren was the most popular team at MPL Philippines Season 13 in terms of hours watched with 6.9m.

The winners of the event, Liquid Echo, weren’t in the top five teams in terms of hours watched with Blacklist International (6m), RSG Philippines (4.4m), FNATIC Onic PH (3.1m) and Minana EVOS (3m) all ahead of Liquid Echo.

Despite not being one of the most popular teams, Liquid Echo did feature in the two most-watched matches both against Falcons AP.Bren. The Grand Final reached a peak viewership of 824,056 whilst a playoff match on day three reached 599,265 viewers.

Mirroring the previous seasons of MPL Philippines, Tagalog language broadcasts had the highest peak viewership with 405,217, whilst Indonesian (270,930), English (101,354) and Burmese (29,198) also attracted large audiences. In terms of broadcasts, YouTube continued to dominate the viewership with a peak of 483,906 compared to TikTok’s 193,415 and Twitch’s 161.

The event once again took place in Makati City, but this time also journeyed to Las Piñas City. The destination for the next season of MPL Philippines has yet to be announced.

Dafydd Gwynn