BIG launches esports talent promotion programme

big selecta
Image credit: Berlin International Gaming

German esports organisation Berlin International Gaming (BIG) has announced a new venture focused on young esports talents.

Called BIG SELECTA, the talent promotion programme is designed to allow young esports talents to enhance their skills and help them in their esports careers.

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Founded in 2017, BIG is one of the most well-known esports organisations in Germany, with the BIG SELECTA programme the organisation’s latest way to support the German esports landscape. The programme will be focused on young German talent and will offer a wide range of benefits to those who enter it.

The programme will include coaching sessions, workshops, financial support, training and personalised development plans for each player. According to BIG, the ‘exceptional players’ will also get mentorship from BIG’s professional coaches and players, helping them with in-game skills and mental fitness. BIG noted that players will participate in events and get support in building their own personal brands. The players will also receive training on how to deal with media and social media.

The organisation has already announced five players that will take part in the SELECTA programme right away, with the next phase of the programme starting on June 15th. Interested players will be able to sign up to try to secure a place in the programme.

Roman Reinhardt, Chief Gaming Officer at BIG, commented: “With BIG SELECTA, we aim to create healthy competition to bring out many talents rather than build a single dominant team for national competitions.

“We look forward to guiding the next generation of esports stars to success. Our goal is to effectively promote professional gaming in Germany and help young talents reach their full potential.”

Ivan Šimić
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