BIG partners with software development company SoftwareOne

BIG partners with SoftwareOne
Image credit: Berlin International Gaming / SoftwareOne

German esports organisation Berlin International Gaming (BIG) has announced a partnership with business software development company SoftwareOne.

According to a release, the two companies will work together on employer branding projects and talent acquisition. SoftwareOne will be the official partner of BIG’s League of Legends and Trackmania teams.

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SoftwareOne is a company that creates business software integrations for clients across a large number of industries. The partnership with BIG is SoftwareOne’s first foray into esports, with the company usually working with corporations and other businesses on IT and tech solutions.

The partnership will, interestingly, focus on employer branding. This means that BIG’s reach in the gaming and esports spaces will help promote SoftwareOne as a desirable employer. The two companies will create a series of activations that will aim to ‘provide valuable opportunities for talent acquisition’, according to BIG and SoftwareOne. This includes creating content with BIG’s players, SoftwareOne employees and talent.

Susann Herzog, Talent Acquisition Lead DACH at SoftwareOne, emphasised her enthusiasm for the collaboration: “Together with BIG as one of the best esports teams worldwide, we aim to unite our passion for technology with the fascination of esports. Our main focus is clearly on creating synergies, as we recognise the enormous potential that arises from the connection of IT and esports.” 

Berlin International Gaming recently announced another large partnership, enlisting hardware brand Logitech G as its main peripherals partner. The company also extended its partnership with stream insights platform Streamcoi earlier this year to help its streamer management.

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