Esports Charts partners with KRAFTON for enhanced data insights

Esports Charts announce partnership with KRAFTON
Image credit: Esports Charts

Esports viewership platform Esports Charts has secured a new partnership with South Korean game publisher KRAFTON.

The collaboration will see KRAFTON gain access to Esports Charts’ Event Dashboard, which comprises historical data of past events and coverage of incoming tournaments.

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According to the release, KRAFTON will be able to obtain detailed insights on a wide number of metrics, including viewership dynamics, channel performance and multilingual audience engagement. The tool will allow the game publisher to analyse trends and patterns of their esports events to improve performance. It is worth noting that the data analytics company previously extended its multi-year deal with PUBG Mobile Esports, one of KRAFTON’s main esports, earlier this year.

The deal further amplifies Esports Charts’ large list of partners. Prior to KRAFTON, Esports Charts announced a partnership with Indian esports organisation Entity, providing them with a customised dashboard featuring data metrics about the team’s audience. Last year, Esports Charts also closed a deal with game publisher Ubisoft, giving important data about the company’s flagship game Rainbow Six: Siege.

Esports Charts has been an active player in the esports and gaming industry for many years. The platform provides data on esports events that occur across different game titles, reporting on viewership and other metrics to understand their performance.

Last year, Esports Charts also announced a new service that will provide statistics on Chinese live streaming platforms named DoHuya. In addition to esports, the company provides insights for other entertainment events, and streamers, via Stream Charts.

Artyom Odintsov, CEO of Esports Charts, commented: “We are honoured to provide KRAFTON with access to our extensive analytics platform.

“Our partnership will help KRAFTON leverage detailed event data for enhanced strategic insights. We are confident that the partnership will yield valuable outcomes for their esports ventures.”

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