Ubisoft and Esports Charts announce Rainbow Six partnership

15 November 2023


Esports Charts / Ubisoft
Image credit: Esports Charts, Ubisoft

Esports data and viewership analytics platform Esports Charts has announced a partnership with game developer and publisher Ubisoft.

The partnership will be focused on Rainbow Six: Siege, Ubisoft’s flagship esports FPS game. Esports Charts will provide high-quality viewership analysis to Ubisoft to help the company better understand its esports viewership.

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Esports Charts is a Ukraine-based esports data company specialising in viewership metrics. The company is known for its reports on high-profile esports tournaments and its data is widely used by many stakeholders in the esports industry, including Esports Insider. In addition to esports, the company provides insights for concerts, other entertainment events and streamers, via Stream Charts.

The partnership with Ubisoft is the latest venture for the data company and will see Esports Charts work closely with the game’s developer to provide data and insights into Rainbow Six: Siege esports competitions. In a release, the company noted that Esports Chars will aim to ‘enhance’ data and audience analytics for the game, while also working to provide comparison and analysis with other titles in the esports market. This probably means comparing Rainbow Six to its direct competitors and using the data to analyse its viewership better.

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Sergii Rudenko, Head Of Sales and Partnership at Esports Charts, commented on the news: “We are thrilled to announce our multi-year partnership with Ubisoft, one of the gaming & esports industry leaders. The Esports Charts team is proud to always come up with comprehensive and insightful analytics, and this partnership allows us to deliver even greater value to the client.”

The partnership comes shortly after Ubisoft partnered with esports data company GRID. The deal is also during a challenging, tranisitonal period for the Rainbow Six scene following its switch to be operated by BLAST. The game’s viewership has recorded decreases in terms of peak viewership, with the most recent Major in Atlanta peaking at just under 80,000 viewers. In comparison, all three 2022 Majors peaked at over 100,000 viewers.

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