Esports World Cup announces KitKat partnership

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Nestlé-owned chocolate brand KitKat has announced a partnership with the Esports World Cup, a multi-title esports tournament series in Saudi Arabia organised by the Esports World Cup Foundation.

As a result of the deal, the two parties will collaborate on esports activations promoting KitKat’s ‘Have a Break’ philosophy.

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According to a release, KitKat aims to ‘connect with competitive and casual gamers’ and promote the importance of taking breaks during long gaming sessions. In addition, the brand will have a booth running during the Esports World Cup offering spectators a range of products.

KitKat is no stranger to the world of esports. In January 2024, it renewed its partnership with Riot Games’ LEC and EMEA Masters tournaments for another three years. The brand also renewed its deal with esports organisation GIANTX.

Taking place from July 4th until August 25th 2024, the Esports World Cup will feature a wide range of games including League of Legends, Street Fighter 6, EA Sports FC 24 and more. KitKat joins an extensive list of partners for the event including Multinational conglomerate Sony and Saudi Arabian megaproject Qiddiya.

In addition to the tournament, the Esports Awards will take place on the penultimate night of the Esports World Cup on August 24th. Following the announcement, multiple stakeholders left the panel in response to the partnership.

Robert Helou, CEO of Nestlé KSA, spoke on the deal: “This partnership enables us to connect with the next generation of gaming enthusiasts.

“We believe we will deeply resonate with gamers by integrating our ‘Have a Break’ philosophy into the esports world. This collaboration highlights the importance of taking breaks and prioritizing mental well-being, especially in the high-stress environment of competitive gaming.”

In May 2024, the Foundation chose 30 organisations to participate in the Club Support Programme which provides six-figure payments to teams determined by meeting specific criteria.

The Esports World Cup Foundation is a Saudi Arabian government-funded non-profit organisation. Hosting the Esports World Cup has drawn criticism from some stakeholders due to the country’s human rights record.

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