Williams Racing joins ‘e2Real’ series Prodigy Racing League

20 June 2024


Javier Guerra of Williams and David Cook of Racing Prodigy-2-min
Image credit: Racing Prodigy

British Formula 1 team Williams Racing has become the first official team in the Prodigy Racing League (PRL), organised by sports, entertainment and media property Racing Prodigy.

Drivers selected by Williams Esports, the team’s sim-racing division, will compete in the ‘e2Real’ series, allowing them to transition from virtual to real-world racing.

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The first real-world edition of the Prodigy Racing League will commence in Autumn of 2024 in the United States. Williams Esports will draft four drivers to represent its four-car, real-world PRL team this summer. The 32 candidates from 14 countries – aged 15 to 45 – previously qualified for the draft by racing in one of PRL’s esports events and competing at Prodigy Week, Racing Prodigy’s real-world racing tryouts.

The inaugural Prodigy Draft will also be hosted within Williams Esports’ London Fan Zone on July 6th and live-streamed on Racing Prodigy’s YouTube channel.

Williams will also hold competitions at its Fan Zones worldwide, including Tokyo, Miami, Melbourne, Montreal, Singapore, Austin, Las Vegas and Barcelona. These events give attendees a chance to earn tickets to Prodigy Week, qualify for the Prodigy Draft and be chosen to compete for Williams’ PRL team.

The selected drivers will receive paid contracts from Racing Prodigy as well as professional coaching provided by Williams in collaboration with PitFit Training. The motorsports performance company will offer an intensive remote coaching programme to all PRL contestants while preparing them for each race with a tailored training regimen. PRL will also gain access to PitFit’s Human Performance programme.

The Prodigy Racing League is the world’s first ‘e2Real’ series with the goal of supporting sim-racers who strive for a career in real-world racing. Organised by Racing Prodigy, the first season’s esports competitions saw over 100,000 participants race for a fully-paid spot in Prodigy Week Parts 1 and 2, according to the company.

Since its foundation in 1977, Formula 1 team Williams Racing has won 16 F1 World Championship trophies lifted by notable racing icons, such as Alan Jones and Nelson Piquet. In 2018, the organisation created its esports division, Williams Esports, which features 40 drivers.

Williams Esports has previously partnered with global oil manufacturer Gulf Oil International, UK esports organisation Resolve and electrical retailer Currys. Furthermore, the brand launched an ambassador programme last year.

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