$1m Prize Pool announced for Gears of War 4

12 August 2016


Microsoft and The Coalition have announced a new esports gaming tournament with a major prize pool for the upcoming new addition to the popular Gears of War franchise.

Once Gears of War 4 is released in October the tournament will be a series of online and LAN events in collaboration with both MLG and Gfinity.

There’ll be live events hosted every couple of months in cities including London, Paris, Las Vegas, Mexico City and more. Players will have the chance to win ‘Gears Pro Points’ which will qualify players for these LAN events.

There’ll be a total of eight LAN events over ten months worldwide and there’ll be a combined prize pool of $1m (£750,000) up for grabs.

Microsoft has stated that there will also be an additional $100,000 event at a surprise location and a launch event in October.

Of the new characters one will be the son of Gears legend Marcus Fenix; JD. You can check out the new characters in full here.

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