Ukie set to launch their Esports Whitepaper


Ukie, the trade body representing the video games industry, has announced that they are set to be releasing their Esports Whitepaper.

The launch is set to take place on the 28th November, at the Gfinity Arena in Fulham Broadway, London. The event, titled “The Future of Esports”, will be focusing on sharing the findings of the whitepaper.

With industry figures like Michael O’Dell from Team Dignitas, Veronique Lallier from Hi-Rez Studios (the studio behind Smite) and big brand sponsors involved in the UK Esports industry, it’s a paper from people who know what they’re talking about.

The event, starting at 4pm, will also feature an exhibition match between two esports teams, as well as networking drinks in the evening. It would be a good event to start getting to know about how Esports will be moving in the future.

More information is available from their website.

Esports Insider says: An interesting look into what the future would most likely be for esports. It’s good to see that Ukie have scheduled this in, as esports companies do make up a sizeable portion of their membership. With people from the industry involved as well – it’s an event that those interested in esports shouldn’t really miss.