Scrub League Weekly – Huk on Evil Geniuses and Starcraft II

09 January 2017


Grab your stim packs, kids: Scrub League is headed to the Koprulu sector with legendary StarCraft player Chris Loranger, better known as Huk.

The Canadian Protoss player chats with hosts Colin and Kevin about his recent departure from team Evil Geniuses, his flirtation with Overwatch, why dedication alone won’t make you a pro and his top three SCII and Brood War players. Plus, the Scrubs get a preview of what’s next for ‘Hukcules’ in his behind the scenes roles in 2017 and beyond.

Later, Colin recaps the momentous acquisitions being made by Echo Fox, who have announced in no uncertain terms that fighting games are a thing and they want to win all of them.

Kevin closes out the episode by breaking down the #PlayersRights Counter-Strike controversy, or what we’ll call the great war of the acronyms: PEA vs. WESA, ESL and EPL.

All that and more on Scrub League’s first episode of 2017.