LION Cereal enters partnership with League of Legends Open Tour France

LION Cereal, one of many brands owned by Nestlé, has partnered with the League of Legends Open Tour France.

The semi-pro circuit that comprises of seven offline tournaments, aptly hosted in France, is run by Riot Games – the developer and publisher of League of Legends.

LION Cereal League of Legends Open Tour France

In 2017, LION Cereal worked with esports Hurrah – a creative advertising agency that solely focuses on esports – to create an advertising campaign that was targeted at fans of esports. The campaign, titled ‘Wildest Fans’ was supported by Riot Games, and saw 100 fans sent to the 2017 EU LCS Spring Split Championship.

This campaign has been revived for the 2018 season, with LION Cereal sharing a video on Twitter that requested people to reply with the “craziest thing [they] could do [in real life] as an esport fan.” The prize is for a duo of casters to arrive at applicant’s house and do what they do best: cast.

League of Legends Open Tour France is a year-long competition that kicked off on January 27th and will end on November 11th. The top two teams who accumulate the most points in the Spring qualified for the European Masters 2018 Spring, and the same for the Summer season also. The top six teams over the course of the tour will progress to the playoffs.

Esports Insider says: The fact that LION Cereal has returned to roll out this ad campaign once again suggests it was happy with the results of its first exploration into esports.