Riot Games picks locations for next three World Championships

01 November 2018


The annual League of Legends World Championship is a staple in the esports calendar, and now we know it’ll return for at least three more years.

Riot Games has confirmed the regions in which the next three iterations of the prestigious tournament will be held.

LoL World Championships

The annual World Championship in League of Legends acts as the culmination of the competitive season, with teams from numerous regions and respective leagues being invited to take part.

In 2019, the World Championship will be held in Europe. While the stage-by-stage host cities haven’t been announced, the finals will take place in Paris, France. In 2020, China will act as host to the World Championship and, in 2021, North America will bring the annual tournament home.

Europe has hosted the World Champion twice so far if you include Season 1 of the competition. Asia has hosted the tournament three times as of this year. North America has acted as host three times, with the most recent time being in 2016.

Riot Games witnessed a bit of flack earlier this year as it took a long time to confirm exactly where Worlds would be held. While the competition isn’t over as of writing, it’s being hosted in South Korea to mixed reviews. The tournament itself has received positive reviews, but the lack of on-site talent has been underwhelming for many.

Esports Insider says: It’s good to see Riot Games think at least three years ahead with it competitive seasons – it shows dedication to the esports side of the game and will hopefully allow the company to avoid the backlash that it received this year.

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