Astralis Group forges partnership with Newzoo

27 November 2019


Games and esports analytics provider Newzoo has partnered with Astralis Group, the company behind Astralis, Origen, and Future FC.

Newzoo will provide data and insights to the company to assist with its decision-making abilities, and will receive information in return.

Astralis Group Newzoo
Image credit: Newzoo

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Jakob Lund Kristensen, CCO and Co-founder of Astralis Group shared his thoughts on the deal in a release: “In Astralis Group, we strive to create a commercial offering not only driven by the passion, emotion and loyalty of our fans but also by rational data which leads to quantifiable results.

“We act not only as a means of exposure to our partners but also as trusted advisors, the unique insights and data provided by Newzoo will only make our organization even better at what we do. Needless to say, we are excited to announce our partnership with the leading data and insights company in esports.”

Astralis Group is also partnered with AudiJack & JonesUnibetLogitech GSecretlabOMEN by HP, and Turtle Beach.

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Remer Rietkerk, Head of Esports at Newzoo also commented on the partnership: “We’re thrilled about partnering with Astralis Group. Nikolaj Nyholm and the team over there have built three exciting leading brands in esports with Astralis, Origen, and Future FC. Astralis Group continues to innovate in the market in new and exciting ways, and through our partnership, we can increase our depth of understanding in the monetization of different business models. As always, our partnerships are fundamental to our continuous effort to improve accuracy in reporting.”

In August, Newzoo announced similar partnerships with Team Liquid, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and Japanese organisation DetonatioN Gaming.

Esports Insider says: Newzoo’s building up a solid roster of organisations to work alongside, which’ll no doubt assist it in producing realistic and accurate estimations moving forward.

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