Fnatic adds recording artist Not3s to talent roster

02 November 2020


London-based esports organisation Fnatic has revealed the signing of British recording artist Lukman “Not3s” Odunaike to its talent roster. As a result, Odunaike has become the first UK-based musician to sign with an esports organisation.

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Odunaike will be seen collaborating with the ‘Fnatic UK Crew’, a roster of UK-based esports professionals and content creators, playing ‘community-driven gaming titles’ such as FIFA, Fortnite, and Call of Duty. The rapper’s addition to the Fnatic lineup is said to be part of the organisation’s ‘larger mission to continue pushing the boundaries of the gaming and esports sector as it enters mainstream culture,’ according to a release.

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Lukman “Not3s” Odunaike commented on the signing in a release: “Gaming has allowed me to experiment with my creativity. As an artist and creator, I’m always looking for things that nobody has done before. I’m thrilled to join Fnatic, because of the sense of community I feel from the organisation, the players and from their fans. I look forward to bringing the worlds of music and gaming even closer together.”

The intersection of esports and entertainment is a bustling sector of the industry. Esports has proven quite nimble in its ability to merge with other industries for fresh and unique products; from EA’s new celebrity-driven esports strategy to talent agencies like CAA representing 100 Thieves, competitive gaming is experiencing an evolution of sorts bringing it ever closer to the mainstream eye.

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Fnatic CEO Sam Mathews added: “We are thrilled to have such a talented musician and creator join Fnatic. We’re always looking to level up and encourage all of our players and creators, to expand their skills and brand and with Not3s, there’s no exception. We’re excited to work with him to continue merging the worlds of gaming and music, for the benefit of culture and for the next generation of gamers.”

Esports Insider says: Esports is certainly no stranger to interacting with outside industries such as music and entertainment. This year has seen that trend skyrocket, with activations such as the one at hand with Fnatic and Not3s, or more recently Swea Lee joining the ranks of XSET as an investor – it’s a pattern we expect to see continue to deepen as time goes on.

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