Nordavind partners with cryptocurrency firm NBX

Norwegian esports organisation Nordavind has announced a commercial partnership with cryptocurrency company Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX).

According to the release, NBX and Nordavind will look to introduce cryptocurrency-focused bonus and loyalty programmes for players, payment portals and tournaments that provide opportunities for participants and spectators.

Image credit: Nordavind / NBX

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Steffen Willumsen, Nordavind’s Commercial  Director, commented: “Nordavind and NBX are two brands born in the digital world, which makes us a natural fit. Both cryptocurrency and e-sports are ground-breaking in their respective segments, and also share much of the same target area. We are proud to work with such a solid company as NBX, and we are eager  to see what we can achieve together in the time to come.”

The integration of cryptocurrency in esports has been a growing topic within the industry, particularly as organisations look to capitalise on the digital asset through the use of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) or blockchain platforms.

In addition to the bonus and loyalty programmes, Nordavind will also integrate NBX’s branding across its social content and clothing. In addition, both entities will collaborate on digital and physical tournament activations, such as hosting events for its community across multiple esports titles.

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Stig Aleksander Kjos Mathisen, CEO of Norwegian Block Exchange, commented: “This was a no-brainer, it was just a question of time. Cryptocurrency is here to stay, and young people will play a major role in the next wave of adoption, with both payment mechanisms and investment opportunities. Esports and cryptocurrency are experiencing exponential growth,  attracting audiences beyond just young people. 

“We are very pleased that we have now entered into a partnership with Nordavind, where several of the players already are familiar with NBX. Therefore the timing is perfect for reaching out to each other and together create meaningful interactions for everyone who is interested in e-sports and the money of the future.”

Nordavind is not the only esports organisation to announce a cryptocurrency partnership this week. Yesterday, Simplicity Esports and Gaming Company announced a collaboration with Project Token and the University of Central Florida Blockchain Innovation Lab to sell limited edition NFTs to members of its gaming centres.

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Esports Insider says: This is a huge partnership between two emerging industries, cryptocurrency and esports. It seems like the deal will boost crypto possibilities throughout the organisation, which could prove to be a valuable move. Moreover, NBX’s brand will be heavily present across Nordavind’s branding, which increases its reach in esports.