Astralis partners with Danish Union for student esports league Studie_CS

Image credit: Astralis / Danish Union

Danish esports organisation Astralis has partnered with Danish trade union HK Privat to create Studie_CS, an esports league for high school students and above.

The CS:GO tournament will consist of both online and physical events, with the grand final taking place at the Astralis Nexus in Copenhagen. Astralis will also promote the event via activations on digital channels.

Astralis and HK Privat did not share details of the tournament, apart from announcing that it will take place in CS:GO. The two parties also noted that Studie_CS may be expanded to include more gaming titles in the future.

HK Privat is a new face in esports. The trade union represents clerical workers, as well as retail workers and workers in other related industries. It is the second-largest trade union in Denmark. The partnership with Astralis will see the union help further connect esports and gaming with the educational system in Denmark.

Astralis Commercial Director Kasper Sindt noted that students will have the opportunity to compete, but also be treated with respect by their peers. The Astralis Nexus, Astralis’ gaming headquarters open to the public in 2021, will look to provide a facility for the general public to game in, as well as help broaden the appeal of esports and gaming in Copenhagen.

Astralis also partnered with the Confederation of Danish Industry earlier this year with the goal of popularising esports.

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Simon Tøgern, Head of Section, HK Privat, commented: “Astralis also has significant experience hosting tournaments for fans and gamers online and in their new gaming centre Astralis Nexus. Together, we believe we can add considerable value to all students across the country. We see vast potential in this partnership by creating a massive, open tournament encouraging positive online communities, where everyone is welcome.”

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