The Story Mob releases Web3 whitepaper

20 September 2022


web3 whitepaper The Story Mob
Image credit: The Story Mob

Communications consultancy The Story Mob has released a whitepaper on the subject of reconciling Web3, NFTs and gaming.

Titled ‘Web3 or WTF? Translating Online Innovation for a Cynical Gamer Audience’, the paper addresses perceived audience concerns around Web3 and how those concerns can be assuaged.

Seeking to tackle the oftentimes obscure topic of Web3, The Story Mob’s whitepaper acts as a best-practice playbook for how brands can integrate Web3 into games.

It addresses what it would take to convince mainstream gaming audiences that the technology can improve their playing experience.

Web3 and blockchain games’ shortcomings include challenges such as a lack of engaging gameplay, which critics claim is a result of focusing more on blockchain functionality than actual gameplay experience.

The whitepaper highlights the opportunities blockchain technology brings to games — for example interoperability and increased engagement — but also the deep scepticism around NFTs amongst certain segments of the gaming community.

It outlines key principles that brands, developers and publishers should keep in mind to help break down the barriers of scepticism and build trust. The Story Mob also stresses the centrality of ensuring that gamers and fans are receiving value from the inclusion of NFTs and Web3 functionality.

Erika Satler, Communications Director at The Story Mob, commented: “Smart and effective communication is the foundation for success. As future-forward industries, both competitive gaming and blockchain are primed for success.

“Web3 isn’t going away, so opportunities for emerging tech brands to integrate and authentically connect with key communities are endless.”

Jake Nordland
Jake has worked at Esports Insider as a journalist and editor since early 2021. Now ESI's Media Manager, he continues to act as lead editor of print magazine The Esports Journal, and contributes his words to the website from time to time.