Globant becomes global sponsor of FIFAe Series

Image credit: FIFA

Global software development company Globant has announced a major multi-faceted partnership with FIFA, football’s governing body.

As part of the deal, Globant will become a global sponsor of the FIFAe Series from 2023 until 2025.

The deal follows Electronic Arts (EA) unveiling its roadmap for the FIFA 23 Global Series (FGS) circuit. Alongside the introduction of the EA SPORTS Cup, league partners and confederations will hold a range of tournaments as part of the circuit. These include the eChampions League, the ePremier League and Virtual Bundesliga.

The 2023 FGS series is the final season using EA’s flagship football title. In May, the publisher announced its deal had come to an end after both parties failed to agree on an extension. The deal means EA SPORTS FC will launch in 2023 while FIFA will launch new offerings with third-party studios.

Additionally, Globant will become a global platform supporter of FIFA’s streaming platform, FIFA+. The company aims to ‘create new features and connected experiences’ for the platform’s users. Globant’s major partnership with FIFA also sees the company sponsor multiple traditional football tournaments such as the Men’s and Women’s World Cup as well as global youth events.

EA hosts a range of esports tournaments across its portfolio of titles. Alongside FIFA, the publisher operates the Apex Legends Global Series featuring a $5m (~£4.4m) prize pool split across its pro league.

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Martin Migoya, Co-founder and CEO of Globant, spoke on the deal: “We are proud to start working with FIFA to accompany them in their digital transformation process and continue propelling our goal of reinventing industries.

“This multi-year partnership transcends any specific competition and supports this sport in all of its expressions – women, men, esports and youth. We believe that unlimited voices bring unlimited power, and diversity is a pivotal factor for innovation.”

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