Shikenso partners with esports talent agency Surge

13 October 2022


Image credit: Shikenso Analytics / Surge

Esports data company Shikenso Analytics has announced a partnership with esports and influencer management and marketing agency Surge.

The collaboration will be focused on sponsorship evaluation, with Surge using Shikenso’s AI systems to evaluate the quality of partnerships and sponsorships for its roster of talent.

Surge is a Belgian company specialising in a wide range of services tied to influencers and esports talent. The company offers contract negotiation, legal assistance, sponsorship acquisition and financial management services for its clients, which include notable League of Legends players Rekkles, Bjergsen, Bwipo, Tifa and Jensen.

Shikenso is perhaps more known for its work with esports organisations, such as Berlin International Gaming and Eintracht Spandau, or for working with tournament organisers like PGL. However, the company offers a wide range of data-focused services. In this particular partnership, Shikenso will offer its AI tools to Surge, so the agency can better understand the impact its clients have on sponsorships. The tools provided will allow Surge to measure KPI’s and improve sponsorship opportunities to clients.

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Rasmus Fosgaard Olsen, COO of Surge, commented: “At Surge, we believe quantifiable metrics provide a foundation for transparent dialogue with brands and enhances the value that Surge provides to clients. We trust that this will elevate the  quality of service provided to both brands and players operating in the esports industry.”

Talent agencies using big data is no surprise, but the world of esports rarely sees companies turn to AI tools to measure the reach and effect of marketing efforts. Considering the fact that tools that Shikenso offers can precisely measure a large number of parameters, it makes sense to see them working for a talent agency, not just tournament organisers and teams.

Ivan Šimić
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