Shikenso appoints Benedikt Becker as SEA Director of Sales and Marketing

11 October 2022


(ESI Illustration) Image credit: Shikenso Analytics

German esports data company Shikenso Analytics has announced the appointment of Benedikt Becker as the company’s new Director of Sales and Marketing for the Southeast Asian region.

Becker will spearhead new developments in SEA by connecting with regional brands via partnerships and business development opportunities.

Shikenso Analytics is a company that specialises in esports data which it then provides to partners in the industry. These partners range from esports organisations such as Eintracht Spandau, EXCEL Esports and Berlin International Gaming, among others, to production and event companies such as PGL.

Prior to joining Shikenso, Becker worked for eGENTIC, another data-focused company. Becker was the Country Manager for eGENTIC Singapore and Malaysia. He also worked for customer acquisition company Audience Serv as the Head of Sales in the APAC region.

Becker looks like an extremely valuable asset to Shikenso, especially considering he worked for a number of years in data-focused and customer acquisition companies across regions that Shikenso wants to increase its presence in.

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Benedikt Becker, Director of Sales and Marketing in SEA market for Shikenso, commented: “I’m excited to join Shikenso and support the company in its expansion into the Southeast Asian region.

“Shikenso offers cutting-edge sponsorship monitoring and analysis services. The  gaming and esports industries are booming in this region, and I believe Shikenso has the potential to become a major player.”

The new acquisition follows the recent hiring of Michael Heina as the new Chief Commercial Officer for the German company. In Shikenso’s press release there was an emphasis on Becker’s appointment being a part of the company’s growth and expansion plans.

Ivan Šimić
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