INFINITY Esports kickstarts second funding round

09 February 2023


infinity esports
Image credit: Infinity esports

Costa Rican esports company INFINITY Esports has announced a new round of funding, opening its doors to potential investors.

The round follows an initial investment of $2m (~£1.64m) in 2020 and is expected to be finished in the first quarter of 2023. INFINITY wants to use the funds to expand its staff and retail model as well as grow its other business verticals.

When contacted by Esports Insider, INFINITY stated that its target for the second funding round is once again $2m.

INFINITY Esports is one of the largest esports and gaming companies in Latin America. The organisation fields teams in League of Legends, VALORANT, Free Fire, CS:GO, Dota 2 and Gran Turismo, among other games. The organisation’s commercial portfolio includes notable brands such aa BMW, Subway, Kappa and TikTok.

Alongside its competitive opperations, INFINITY runs a retail vertical of gaming centres called Infinity Gaming Center and has its own production and content company called DDN Producciones Esports and Gaming.

The main aim for the new round is to invest in key segments of the company and open new business verticals related to growth and lifestyle. INFINITY will also franchise its retail model, and expand its esports, entertainment and retail divisions to new countries in South America.

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Diego Gonzalo Foresi, CEO of INFINITY, commented: “At this stage, we are looking for smart money to grow in a smart way, add value in key areas of the club, and continue to implement the strategic plan successfully. This is the plan that has driven us exponentially since 2018.”

After the round is done, the Infinity Gaming Center, INFINITY’s esports training and entertainment venue will expand to two more cities in Latin America. The company did not announce what other business verticals it plans on creating.

Ivan Šimić
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