University of Sunderland launches Esports Event Management degree

01 February 2023


Sunderland esports degree
Image credit: University of Sunderland

The University of Sunderland has announced a new esports-related degree that will become available for students from September 2023.

The Esports Event Management degree will provide students with the knowledge required to participate in the organisation of esports events. The course, which will span three or four years, is a Bsc (Hons) degree.

The University is the latest in line of education institutions in the UK to offer a course tailored specifically to esports. The University announced that it will spend up to £1m transforming parts of its campus to dedicate them to the degree and esports in general. As a part of the transformation, the cinema in the campus media centre will be adapted to screen esports events and games.

Talking about the degree itself, Dr. James Scott, Head of School (Law and Tourism), commented: “Students will explore the world of competitive gaming and learn what makes a successful esports event. They’ll delve into the production and management of esports events and develop an understanding of the technologies associated with organising these events.”

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The course will use recorded lectures, workshops, and seminar sessions, as well as field visits and other methods. In the first year, students will learn about the fundamentals of esports events and event production, and by the third year topics such as esports performance, team management, and esports media and content creation will be covered.

Creating esports-related university and college courses is nothing new. Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies, Staffordshire University, Falmouth University and even esports organisation Guild Esports all work on esports courses, with numerous other high education institutions in the UK doing the same.

Ivan Šimić
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