DreamHack announces $750,000 Fortnite Series leading to $2m Gamers8 event

dreamhack open fortnite
Image credit: ESL FACEIT Group

DreamHack, a subsidiary of esports and gaming tournament organiser ESL Gaming, has announced the return of the DreamHack Open Feat. Fortnite.

The series will include three $250,000 (~£203,000) Fortnite tournaments that will take place at DreamHack events in San Diego, Dallas and during DreamHack Summer in Sweden. The series coincides with Gamers8’s recently announced $2m (~£1.6m) Fortnite event in Riyadh later this year.

The DreamHack Open series in Fortnite is making its return after a brief hiatus, but DreamHack has noted that this time around, the tournaments will act as qualifiers for the Gamers8 Festival in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Each tournament will seed 10 Duos to the Gamers8 finals.

The three DreamHack events will be open to BYOC (Bring your own controller) ticket holders, meaning that any players can participate and perhaps earn a spot in the Gamers8 finals.

A total of 30 qualified Duos from DreamHack Open will be joined by a yet undisclosed number of teams from the MENA region during the July event.

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The first event to feature the new Fortnite tournament will be DreamHack San Diego which is set to start in early April 2023. The second tournament will take place during DreamHack Dallas in early June, and the third during DreamHack Summer later in the same month. DreamHack Summer will take place in Elmia, Jönköping, Sweden.

Alongside a Fortnite competition, the Gamers8 event will feature a range of prominent esports tournaments. Also announced for the event is the Riyadh Masters, a $15m (~£12.2m) Dota 2 international competition.

Brian Krämer, Sr. Director Game Ecosystems, Growth Titles at the ESL FACEIT Group, commented on the news: “Thus, we are very excited to announce another year of Fortnite events for our community, especially now that the focus is on Zero Build and teams have a chance to qualify for a massive Gamers8 event.”

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