Kendryx Linscott named new CMO of Esport Canada

(ESI Illustration) Image credit: Esport Canada / Kendryx Linscott

Esport Canada, a nonprofit focused on local esports in Canada, has announced the appointment of Kendryx Linscott as its new Chief Marketing Officer.

Linscott will work with the organisation to grow the nonprofit’s operations and develop business relationships with gaming and esports brands.

Linscott currently holds the position of Chief Marketing Officer at Women in Games International (WIGI), another nonprofit organisation. They are also the Founder of Enorth Media, a marketing agency that works in the esports, gaming and tabletop industries.

Prior to joining WIGI in 2021, Linscott worked in a variety of positions in the gaming and esports industries including the roles of COO at Queer Women of Esports, Director of Marketing at TyrusTV and Head of Digital at Esports GG.

Esport Canada is a nonprofit organisation focusing on creating better opportunities for gamers in Canada. Founded in 2020, Esport Canada helps develop grassroots esports and grow the Canadian esports ecosystem on all levels. The organisation created the EDU Community, which sees schools participate in esports tournaments and receive educational opportunities, among other perks and benefits.

Esport Canada holds tournaments in Rocket League, VALORANT and Overwatch 2. The nonprofit also has recently appointed performance coach Landon Gorbenko as its Director of Performance, and CK Dhaliwal as its Director of External Affairs, signalling strong moves to expand. The organisation also recently partnered with the Australian Esports Association.

Kendryx Linscott, the new CMO of Esport Canada, commented:” “I’ve been working for years to create opportunities for individuals in gaming and esports and I’m excited to be able to continue this mission of support by working with Esport Canada on unifying and amplifying Canadian esports athletes across the country.

“Esport Canada has the same vision of fostering a community of gamers who respect diversity and stand together as Canadians.”

Ivan Šimić
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