Talon Esports launches music album with United Esports

United Esports and Talon Esports
Image credit: Talon Esports

Hong Kong based esports organisation Talon has partnered with media and marketing company United Esports to launch a music album.

The collaborative album will be for Taiwanese content creator Gamtoh, who co-produced the album alongside American musician and songwriter Prince Fox and United Esports founder Felix LaHaye.

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Talon and United Esports claimed that they saw the project as an opportunity due to the lack of copyright-free music available to streamers. The album, ‘Game Time by Gamtoh’, will feature a mixture of house and EDM music with each track focusing on different gaming experiences. 

Some of the track titles include ‘Final Match’, ‘Loading Screen’ and ‘Waiting Room’, the latter of which has been released today. All tracks will be utilised by Gamtoh during her live streams.

Gamtoh is a prominent content creator in Thailand. Her Facebook page – which is where she primarily streams — totals 1.8m followers. The streamer is also a part of Talon Esports’ roster of content creators. 

Talon Esports and United Esports highlighted that this endeavour is the “first of many albums” that the two companies hope to produce together.  

Whilst there has been an ever-present growing relationship between music and esports, it is unique to see music specifically be produced for an organisation’s content creator. In recent memory, esports organisations such as Fnatic, G2 Esports and Team Vitality all launched esports-focused musical endeavours for their fanbases.

Sean Zhang, CEO of Talon Esports, commented on the collaboration: “Having tracks which mimic the energy and personality of Gamtoh is exciting for her fans and also allows her to take control of her expression through ownership of her own music.

“We believe this will be revolutionary for the industry and will look to push this to other content creators within the esports ecosystem.” 

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