Team Vitality launches bomber jacket line with Bombers Original

team vitality bombers jacket
(ESI Illustration) Image credit: Team Vitality / Bombers Original

French esports organisation Team Vitality has announced a collaboration with apparel brand Bombers Original.

The partnership will see Bombers Original and Team Vitality create two bomber jackets based on the cities of Tokyo and Las Vegas.

Bombers Original, as its name suggests, is a brand focused on bomber jackets, an iconic item of clothing first worn by American pilots in World War 2. The brand creates stylised and streetwear-inspired jackets. This is the first time the jacket brand is partnering with an esports organisation, with Vitality being an obvious choice given the fact that both brands are based in Paris.

The jackets themselves will feature Team Vitality branding on the inside and outside. The Las Vegas jacket features the Vitality logo with other, mostly casino-based references, while the Tokyo jacket combines Vitality branding with Japanese symbols such as the Koi fish and the city’s neon aesthetic.

The launch of the jackets will be accompanied by Team Vitality’s streamer and ambassador Shynouh, who will serve as the face of the partnership.

Vitality is no stranger to interesting merchandise drops. The company notably created a Naruto-themed collection in 2022, and has created an upcycled collection with fashion brand Rework the same year.

Amélie Canet – Director of Diversification and Merchandising at Team Vitality, commented: “This release once again symbolises Team Vitality’s ability to create unique fashion and lifestyle pieces in the world of esports.

“After the success of our Naruto collection last December for manga fans, we aimed for a wider audience this time around. With our presence in Citadium Corner and these more premium models, we will be able to reach gaming fans in the broadest sense.”

Ivan Šimić
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