Team Vitality announces merchandise partnership with Rework Paris

19 October 2022


Image credit: Team Vitality / Rework Paris

European esports organisation Team Vitality has collaborated with fashion brand Rework Paris to launch a new merchandise collection.

The collection will consist of 135 items of upcycled streetwear and will be available for purchase by taking part in a series of mini-games via a specialised website.

Rework Paris is a brand known for its collaborations with high fashion companies such as Gucci and streetwear brands like Supreme. The brand focuses on recycling and upcycling clothing items, thus creating a more sustainable approach to streetwear and fashion. In this instance, Rework and Vitality took 500 old Vitality jerseys and patched them with different products found in Paris second-hand and vintage stores.

The end result is a collection of patchwork clothing items which includes bomber jackets, hoodies, crewnecks, joggers and t-shirts. The two brands also created a number of accessories, including cushions, scarves, hats and bandanas. All of the items bear Vitality colours — white, yellow and black. According to a release, this is the largest collection of apparel ever created by Rework.

Interestingly, in order to buy items, buyers will need to solve short puzzles via a website created for this sole purpose. The mini-game first shows a random item from the collection and presents buyers with a puzzle. If the puzzle is solved in time, the item can be bought. There is no way for buyers to select which item they want, apart from repeating puzzles. More expensive items also come with more complex puzzles.

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Benjamin Robinet, Merchandising Director for Team Vitality, commented: “ We wanted to put our own spin on the collection and show the true union between gaming and fashion by providing our fans with the opportunity to unlock the collection with a unique gaming experience.

“Rework Paris has worked with so many iconic fashion houses and I can’t wait to see what our fans make of the collection.”

Ivan Šimić
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