WePlay Esports rebrands to WePlay Studios

Image credit: WePlay Studios

Ukraine-based esports tournament organiser and production company WePlay Esports has announced a new brand identity and focus.

The first step in the company’s new identity is a name change to WePlay Studios. In the following months, the company plans to focus its efforts on content creation and production, though this does not mean WePlay is leaving esports.

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The company known as WePlay Esports is one of the prominent esports and entertainment companies in Europe.

During its rich history, WePlay has worked with numerous brands to deliver esports tournaments and events in Ukraine and Europe. However, the scope of events has changed dramatically since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The new name and identity signal a shift in business strategy beyond esports, and towards other forms of entertainment and content.

The company did not share details about what will this mean for its esports efforts, but considering the fact that WePlay had to indefinitely postpone its well-known Academy League until the Russian invasion ends, organising esports events at this time may simply not possible at scale.

WePlay Studios noted that the company has partnerships with the likes of OTK Media and the official production partner of Enthusiast Gaming for NFL Tuesday Night Gaming.

The company has also doubled down on its sports broadcast efforts by expanding a partnership with broadcast company MEGOGO.

Yura Lazebnikov, managing partner and co-founder of WePlay Studios, commented: “Over more than 10 years of work in Ukraine, we have scaled up to 150+ employees and opened offices and high-tech arenas in Kyiv, Ukraine, and Los Angeles. During this time, our team has acquired an incredible set of skills and world-class expertise that is second to none.

“With this in mind, our team is ready to take a step forward to new challenges and projects. We are not leaving esports — we are pushing boundaries.”

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