Alpine Esports unveils partnership with Shikenso Analytics

Screenshot of Alpine Esports and Shikenso Analytics logo on a blue background with Alpine racing car in the background
Image credit: Alpine, Shikenso Analytics

Alpine, the French sports car brand of automotive marque Renault, has announced a partnership with esports analytics company Shikenso Analytics.

As a result, Alpine will utilise the company’s platform to measure the performance of its streaming channels and existing esports partnerships.

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According to a release, the partnership will enable Alpine to ‘streamline and optimise’ partnerships in order to make data-driven decisions that will encourage growth within the Alpine Esports brand.

Alpine continues to expand its presence within the esports and sim racing sectors. In May, the company partnered with tournament organiser BLAST for the Paris CS:GO Major to launch a series of in-person activations.

In addition to partnering with esports events, Alpine shows no sign of slowing down its own esports projects. In February 2023, it announced plans to host the third Alpine Esports Series alongside fielding rosters competing in the F1 Esports Series and Virtual Le Mans.

For Shikenso Analytics, joining forces with Alpine is another addition to its ever-expanding partnership portfolio. In June, it extended its existing deal with Gaimin Gladiators and in January, it secured a deal with French esports organisation Team Vitality.

Guillaume Vergnas, Head of Esports, Gaming, and Web 3, spoke on the partnership: “Partnering with Shikenso  Analytics is a game-changer for Alpine Esports. We believe that data-driven decision-making is key to achieving excellence, and this collaboration allows us to harness the power of advanced analytics to unlock our true potential.

“We are consistently expanding our content offering through owned events  such as the Alpine Esports Series, the launch of our new social channels and more ambassador content  and understanding what the community is engaging with is vital to our continued growth.” 

Jonno Nicholson
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