Shikenso Analytics launches ‘Esports Radar’

22 February 2023


esports radar
Image credit: Shikenso Analytics

Esports analytics company Shikenso Analytics has announced the release of Esports Radar, a new data product.

The product is a media value and audience report tool aimed at all major stakeholders in the esports industry. It offers sponsorship data and global insights for esports events, teams, and tournaments.

Shikenso is a German company known mostly for its AI-powered partnership analytics tools, which automatically track things like brand placement on esports jerseys. Its tools are used by many businesses in the esports industry, including esports organisations such as Astralis and Berlin International Gaming, tournament organiser PGL and esports talent agency Surge, among others. Its latest big partnership was with French organisation Team Vitality in early 2023.

It comes as no surprise, then, that Shikenso launched a dedicated tool to analyse trends in the industry. The tool will allow users to see data and insights from specific teams, or toggle the visibility of partners in certain tournaments. In addition, users can see all placements of a certain brand they are interested in.

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Michael Heina, Chief Commercial Officer at Shikenso, said of the tool: “We recognise the fundamental need in the market for a hands-on approach to accessing transparent and unbiased third-party esports sponsorship valuation and market data. With Shikenso Esports Radar, we are raising the standard for handling sponsor-related data in the esports industry. Brands, for example, can thoroughly evaluate a potential market entry into esports in advance by understanding the potential of specific properties.”

Ivan Šimić
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