Skillshot Media expands into live event management with Uptown Atlanta

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Image credit: Skillshot Media, Uptown Atlanta

Esports production company Skillshot Media has expanded into live event management through a partnership with mixed-use community Uptown Atlanta.

Skillshot Media plans to offer services that expand beyond gaming, with the new division focusing on the broader live and hybrid event market.

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Skillshot Media President Nabil Ismail will spearhead the live event management division of the company, which will represent Uptown Atlanta’s Atrium venue to host a range of live and hybrid events utilising methods refined in esports and gaming.

Skillshot Media moved to Uptown Atlanta in August 2021 where it opened its office and production studios in addition to a training space for local students. Over the past two years, the company has hosted gaming and esports events on a regular basis.

Uptown Atlanta is currently undergoing redevelopment from private equity firm Rubenstein Partners. The renovation includes upgrading the Atrium venue with connectivity to the Skillshot Media production studio in order to host events ranging from watch parties to corporate functions.

Throughout 2023, Skillshot Media continues to consolidate its position as a major esports production company in North America. In April, it joined forces with North American organisation Ghost Gaming to partner with Make-A-Wish Georgia to grant wishes to children in the state of Atlanta.

Ismail spoke on the partnership with Uptown Atlanta: “We’ve loved working with Uptown Atlanta to foster a gaming community and host gaming events here and that demand is not slowing down.

“But the demand is no longer specific to gaming. Companies more broadly are looking for a modern event venue, easily accessible, with immersive audio-video, and live-streaming. We’re excited to apply what we’ve been doing in gaming and esports for a decade to other live events.” 

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