United Esports partners with Texas Pete and Garner Foods

(ESI Illustration) Image credit: United Esports / Texas Pete

Esports and gaming marketing agency United Esports has announced a partnership with American food manufacturer Garner Foods through its hot sauce brand Texas Pete.

The partnership is the first foray into esports for Texas Pete and will see the two brands work together on content creation.

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United Esports is a North American esports and gaming agency that holds the position of agency of record for several brands in the gaming space. Alongside its agency arm, United Esports CEO Felix LaHaye is a part of the ownership structure of Meltdown Esports Bars, and the company is an investor in PSG Talon.

Garner Foods owns several sauce and salsa brands in the US, including Texas Pete.

The partnership with Texas Pete will be focused on content creators that work with United Esports through a campaign called Texas Pete: My Secret Sauce.

United Esports CEO Felix LaHaye told Esports Insider that the campaign will leverage United Esports’ content production capabilities and introduce the Texas Pete brand into the gaming space.

The partnership interestingly does not include esports teams Beastcoast or Talon Esports, which are both invested in by United Esports.

United Esports founder and CEO Felix LaHaye said: “At United Esports, we believe in taking partnerships to the next level. We work closely with creators to not only showcase products but also to integrate them seamlessly into their content, allowing us to deliver high-quality, authentic campaigns that resonate with audiences and drive results.”

United Esports recently collaborated with Talon Esports to launch a music album by Gamtoh, a Taiwanese content creator. The album was co-produced by United Esports founder Felix LaHaye.

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