Red Bull League of Its Own LAN event sells out in three hours

12 September 2023


Image credit: Red Bull

Red Bull League of Its Own, a League of Legends event set to take place in early December 2023, has sold out more than 7,000 tickets within three hours, according to Red Bull.

The event will see South Korean organisation T1 compete in several matchups against German and European teams in League of Legends. Red Bull League of Its Own will also host activations and fan engagement activities throughout the day.

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The event has an interesting concept rarely seen in esports. For start, its name is a wordplay on the world-renowned team T1, one of the most successful League of Legends teams in history, often referred to as being in a league of its own due to its competitive success. T1’s LoL roster will come to Germany to compete against professional teams and content creator mixed rosters in the Berlin Velodrom on December 9th.

According to Red Bull, two German organisations with League of Legends rosters, Eintracht Spandau and Berlin International Gaming, will compete against each other to get a chance to take on T1 on their home ground. In addition, a roster of German streamers and influencers behind the NNO Old name will also compete against T1 during the event. Frederik ‘NoWay’ Hinteregge, Niklot ‘Tolkin’ Stüber, and Daniel ‘Broeki’ Broekman will participate in the show match.

Red Bull noted that three more teams will be announced before the event itself, but further details were not disclosed.

Red Bull is no stranger to creating esports events with unique formulas that are both familiar to esports fans, and different enough to cause intrigue. The energy drink brand hosts grassroots VALORANT event Red Bull Campus Clutch, as well as Red Bull Flick, a CS:GO deathmatch tournament and Red Bull Solo Q, a solo League of Legends tournament.

The company has also entered a partnership with Aim Lab to create Red Bull Ready Check, a FPS aiming tournament. Red Bull recently opened a new gaming venue in Sydney, Australia, shortly after the opening of the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in Denmark.

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