Swedish footballer Pontus Jansson becomes co-owner of GODSENT

22 November 2023


Image credit: Pontus Jansson / GODSENT

Swedish esports organisation GODSENT has announced that Swedish footballer Pontus Jansson has joined the organisation as a co-owner.

Jansson joins the organisation’s leadership structure as a part of GODSENT’s ongoing investment round. GODSENT noted in the announcement that he will aim to utilise his sports experience to help scale and grow the organisation in the future.

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Alongside his popularity within the footballing world, Jansson is a well-known esports and gaming fan who has publicly expressed his love of gaming. The move to join GODSENT comes a short time after Jansson returned to Sweden to play for Malmö FF, a club in which he started his professional career.

Jansson also played for well-known clubs such as Torino, Leeds United and Brentford in the past.

According to a release from GODSENT, Jansson will contribute to the organisation by sharing his experience from being a professional athlete and a captain in the Premier League. His experience playing esports games, notably Counter-Strike, will also be an asset during his time at GODSENT. Interestingly, Jansson once commented that he would rather watch a CS game than football, which goes to show the extent of his love for the franchise.

GODSENT did not share any additional details about Jansson’s involvement in the overall management of the company or any possible financial details of the deal. However, the organisation did say that the company is “fully committed to driving Swedish Counter-Strike back to the top of the world”.

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Jansson joins an ever-growing list of footballers involved in esports, with the most recent example being the Ukrainian national team and Arsenal player Oleksandr Zinchenko, who started his own esports organisation this September. Gerard Piqué is also a notable owner of KOI with Ibai Llanos, Sergio Agüero founded KRÜ Esports in 2020 and Virgil Van Dijk is a shareholder of Tundra Esports, to name a few more.

Godsent themselves is undergoing a growth period right now, with deals with the likes of Philips OneBlade, Samsung Odyssey and Prisjakt announced this year. The company also created a corporate CS:GO tournament in Sweden called Ideon Games earlier this year.

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