Guild Esports partners with trading platform ENDX

21 December 2023


Guild Esports
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British esports organisation Guild Esports has announced a one-year partnership with esports trading platform ENDX.

The partnership will see Guild’s Counter-Strike players added to the ENDX pool of tradable players. The organisation will earn a percentage of revenue created by the sales of its players through the platform.

ENDX is a Counter-Strike-focused platform that allows fans to buy and trade players from real-life esports teams. Contrary to other trading platforms, ENDX features a ‘shares’ system, similar to the stock market. The stock of a certain player might rise or fall depending on how the player performs in matches. Each player featured on the platform has 21m shares issued.

The platform has partnered with several esports brands in 2023. The likes of Endpoint, Team Singularity, Cloud9, Berlin International Gaming (BIG) and 00Nation have all made their players available for trading.

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The partnership with Guild will follow a similar format as the other team partnerships for ENDX. Guild Esports men’s and women’s Counter-Strike players will be featured on the platform, and users will be able to buy their stocks. Each time a Guild Esports player has its stock traded, a percentage will be distributed directly to the company, making for an interesting revenue stream.

Jasmine Skee, CEO of Guild Esports, commented: “Our partnership with eNDX establishes Guild’s presence within the esports player trading landscape, as we become the first esports organisation to introduce both their male and female rosters onto this platform.

“As well as allowing users to trade in the future performance of their favourite players, eNDX provides a unique opportunity for driving fan engagement. We are delighted to see our exciting players added to this platform which offers a new avenue for fan participation within the overall esports experience.”

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