BIG secures partnership with esports trading platform ENDX

23 October 2023


Image credit: ENDX

Digital esports trading platform ENDX has continued to strengthen its partnership portfolio by securing a deal with German esports organisation BIG (Berlin International Gaming)

Details surrounding the partnership are minimal. However, the deal seems to follow suit with ENDX’s previous agreements, which see the trading platform incorporate its partnered esports organisation’s players into its platform. 

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Founded in 2019, ENDX is an esports player-focused virtual trading platform. The company partners with various esports teams and organisations to add their players into a tradable pool. Fans then gain the opportunity to buy and sell shares of the player, which causes its initial value to rise and fall.  

On ENDX’s platform, customers can pre-order player stock for BIG’s Johannes ‘tabseN’ Wodarz. The organisation’s other players from its CS2 roster have yet to be added to the platform. 

Alongside BIG, some of ENDX’s other partnered organisations include the likes of GamerLegion, 00Nation, Cloud9 and Endpoint Esports. At the time of this writing, the most valuable player on the platform is 9INE’s Aleksander ‘hades’  Miskiewicz ($8 per share).

The platform currently only includes players competing in Counter-Strike 2. According to a press release, the collaboration marks a ‘significant step forward’ for both ENDX and BIG.

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Miles Lampson, Co-founder of ENDX, commented: “This is an excellent opportunity both for us and BIG. The organisation has a dedicated fanbase, which we hope, will be thrilled to be able to see their favourite players on the platform. 

“Bringing BIG on board will not only expand our reach but also provide a substantial opportunity for the German organisation to further connect with its fans. We are looking forward to working with BIG and making the best of this partnership.”

From a commercial standpoint, BIG has secured a few notable deals in 2023, primarily for its League of Legends roster that competes in the German Prime League. This includes renewing its partnership with water brand Volvic and securing a deal with restaurant chain Pizza Hut
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