XSET launches apparel range with content creator Kris London

XSET Kris London holding basketball with basketball hoop in background
Image credit: XSET

North American esports organisation XSET has launched an apparel range in collaboration with content creator Kris London.

The launch of the ‘No Limit’ collection will also see XSET and London join forces to host a fan challenge with the winner being announced on Twitch.

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To coincide with the merchandise launch, XSET and London will host the XSET Range Challenge where fans of the brand will upload short-form videos with the winner receiving a $5,000 (~£3,974) prize and the entire apparel range during a broadcast on April 5th. The apparel collection includes a hoodie, T-shirt, hat and pants.

London, also known as Kristopher Obaseki, became a member of XSET’s content creation roster in July 2023. In addition to his apparel collection, London features in the brand’s marketing campaigns and content series’ it produces.

Alongside launching apparel collections, XSET continues to establish itself as one of North America’s prominent esports brands. In October 2023, Fortnite content creator Clix became an ambassador and a part-owner.

Since launching in 2020, XSET has competed across a range of esports titles including Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty: Warzone. In November 2023, the brand partnered with the multiplayer game RoboSquad Revolution to launch a branded in-game skin.

London spoke on the launch of the competition and the apparel range: “I’m super excited to roll out the ‘No Limit’ Range Collection with XSET.

“I’m super excited to roll out the ‘No Limit’ Range Collection with XSET. This one’s for anyone who’s into sports, gaming, or pushing the envelope in their own unique way. It’s about breaking boundaries, not just in how we play but in how we think and live.”

Jonno Nicholson
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